Their Nibs was created by Fiona Bell, founder and previous buyer in the fashion industry.

With a background in the world of fashion and print, Fiona's career had reached a high as head of womenswear at Laura Ashley. However in 2000 along came something wonderful (and life changing!) her baby boy.

All of a sudden work trips abroad and late nights in the office weren't what she wanted and so she decided to do something very brave- and mad- and started her very own brand!

Answering to herself and being able to pour her creative energy into her very own baby- the real one and the print based one- has meant that she has spent her days coming up with quirky ideas to make great prints, liaising with our factory about getting the style just right, packing orders for all our wonderful customers and chatting to some of you on the phone to answer your queries!

In 2014 she met Sia, now the Their Nibs designer, through an old friend, and they just hit it off, loving to get up to lots of the same things- trawling through vintage stalls, heading to a car boot sale and stopping for a chat and some nibbles! It really was the perfect match, Fiona has an idea and Sia gets scribbling!

In 2018 Fiona was able to be part of something really special and adopted a little girl, it was a dream come true for her whole family and we at Their Nibs are so proud of everything we did to help make it happen! Our sales that meant this could financially happen and our flexible work practice that meant Fiona could have the time she needed and we could support the beginning of another amazing journey.

We are so proud and happy to be creating such special and beautiful prints, on great quality fabrics at an affordable price to share with you all. Thanks for coming this far and we can't wait to see what happens next!