Our Story

Their Nibs started as a dream in 2003 when our founder, Fiona, faced the daunting juggle of a demanding fashion career and unexpectedly becoming a single mum to her little boy, fondly dubbed ‘his nibs’. She knew she had a great eye for print and a passion for beautiful designs, so staring into the fire one sleepless night she decided to do something very brave, and more than a little scary. Drawing upon all those key skills of hers to start something of her very own; a brand that would allow her to flourish, but also be the mum she wanted to be.


It’s been a rollercoaster! It’s been a little bit like bringing up a 3rd child for Fiona - ups and downs, a fair share of "oops" moments, and lots of drama! From having a childrenswear shop in Notting Hill to growing in the world of online shopping, we’re now based in our quirky little studio in the basement of a hotel in London, and a team of ten now makes Their Nibs happen.

Their Nibs has proudly evolved into a women-focused fashion brand, specialising in sleepwear and unique prints that celebrate the natural world, vibrant colour and feeling good. After Fiona met our designer, Sia, in 2014, they’ve been creating dreamy prints and designing timeless and practical collections together ever since!

We even have our very own warehouse in Edinburgh led by our customer services manager, Heather. Our friendly warehouse team carefully pack your orders and are available at the end of a phone line whenever you need them. We are so proud and happy to be where we are today, and it’s all thanks to our amazing community of print lovers, pyjama lovers and overall vibrant, special people!

Our Mission

We’re passionate about creating beautiful long-lasting products at an affordable price point, to inspire moments of comfort and happiness, with the idea of feeling good at our core. Our goal is to bring the joy of print to more areas of your day, so you can feel good at times you need it most.

From design and fabric sourcing to manufacturing, shipping and delivery to our customers, we’re also constantly striving to be as sustainable as we can be. We believe that even the smallest actions can make a big difference. We may be wee, but we are mighty! Read more here.


Their Nibs has always been a family-orientated small business, with friends and family members always helping along the way – we wouldn’t be where we are without them! ‘His nibs’ now towers over us all while helping us with his videography skills. Mr Their Nibs, Charlie, remains on hand to put up our studio shelves and make rails for pop-up shops, but the biggest change to the Their Nibs family has been the arrival of our magical little girl.

She is the reason we donate 20% of the profits from our kids pyjamas, and selected collections, to Coram, an adoption charity so close to our hearts. She’s also the reason for a few new laughter lines!


Their Nibs is a British, female-founded fashion brand specialising
in practical sleepwear and unique hand-drawn prints that celebrate the natural world, vibrant colour and feeling good. Passionate about creating beautiful and long-lasting products at an affordable price point since 2003, Their Nibs strive
to inspire moments of comfort and happiness by spreading the joy of print to more areas of your every day. From their cosy studio in London to their trusted factory in Jaipur, every step of their journey is guided by a deep respect for people and the planet, proudly using high-quality 100% cotton and recycled

This is a question we get asked a lot! ‘His nibs’ is a phrase which means a person in authority, or the one in charge. Fiona liked to use it sarcastically and refer to her little boy as ‘his nibs’, especially at times when he was adorably demanding.

 Fun fact: when Fi first started the brand, she created children’s clothing for His Nibs, Her Nibs and Little Nibs! This has since become the collective, Their Nibs.

Our sleepwear is mostly made from 100% cotton or recycled satin. We're always looking to expand our range so details of the exact materials used will be listed on our product pages.

Ethical practices are part of our ethos and will always be a big part of what we do, we're all about celebrating the little luxuries whilst ensuring we’re as sustainable as we can be - you can read more about our ethical journey here.