Their Nibs is about creating pieces that are special to us and that resonate with you.

We place slow design at the heart of what we do: this means we’re not interested in fast fashion but in creating beautiful, practical clothes that will last, that give good value and that you love. 

Our collections are designed by women for women – the things that inform our lives are the same as yours so we have a built-in connection with our customers. And, that translates across everything we do. 

The prints

We believe prints hold a place in people’s minds transporting them to special moments and memories; we love the idea that our printed pyjamas could evoke this feeling for you. Our prints are all hand drawn or painted by Sia, our designer. We’re inspired by everything in our lives: the natural world around us, a colourful art exhibition, a beautiful photo on Instagram, an old story or a good book. 

The collection

We don't follow trends or seasons. You’ll notice the same iconic prints and products appearing again and again – this is because we make smaller quantities and sell out to ensure we aren't over-producing. We also want our designs to have longevity and be worn. A lot. Over many early nights, late mornings, holidays and beyond. Even when it comes to our Christmas inspired pieces, we thoughtfully design elements that mean our customers will love them all year round.

Our partners

We have a close relationship with our manufacturer which is a family-run business in Jaipur, the Northern region of India. Sia’s designs are printed in-house then come into the factory as fabric for cut and make; most of our tailors have been with our manufacturer for over 10 years. Once the fabric is inspected for quality, the pattern pieces are cut. It’s then sewn and goes to quality check and loose-thread snipping. After this, the pieces are paired up and receive another quality check before being packed and sent to us.

Our packing team

Our finished products are delivered to our ‘warehouse’ space in Edinburgh where Heather and her team count and unpack them. We pride ourselves on our tailored customer service and Heather always strives to answer everyone’s emails (you can contact her at info@their-nibs.com). Crucially, we also have a customer service phone number so you can talk to the team direct on 0131 560 2973 (Monday to Friday, 11am-3pm). 

Our fabrics 

We use high-quality fabric from trusted Indian sources. Our 100% cotton has a lovely hand feel, maintained by a super softener wash as part of the manufacturing process: it softens even further over washes and time while maintaining a durability that we’re very proud of.

Our satin is from a recycled source, making it an eco-friendly option.  

Our printing

Our fabrics are printed vertically and created in-house. The printing mill we work with has a built-in recycled water filtering process which means the same water is used repeatedly for our prints; the dye water is collected then run through a system until it comes out clear again with a neutral PH. It can then be recycled back into the mill and used again for dying. 


We are proud to be a part of the Treefo initiative, which means when you leave a review, we fund the planting of a tree. Their Nibs are committed to funding 50 trees a month and will look to expand this commitment as we grow as a business.

The future

We aren't perfect (who is?) but we are always working towards improvements in as many areas of the business as we can: from design and fabric sourcing to manufacture, shipping and delivery to our customers. 

Our promise

Ethical practices are part of our ethos and will always be a big part of what we do. We only work with Sedex-approved factories which means all employees working on Their Nibs products have a fair, safe and healthy work environment. This means: 

  • Employment is freely chosen.
  • Child labour will not be tolerated. 
  • Respect and equality. 
  • Fair working conditions. 
  • Transparency and accountability. 

We frequently travel to Jaipur where our designs are being made to see the printing and meet the people who create our pyjamas.