We practise Slow Design here at Their Nibs. This means we’re not about fast fashion; we’re about quality and practical pieces that are long lasting, both by being good value and sustained use.

This means we create prints to be cherished and timeless along with styles that are to be worn. A lot. Over many early nights, late mornings, holidays and days spent in the house.

We don't follow trends or seasons as such, and we hope anything you purchase from us has a long, useful, and loved, life span with you.

You will notice the same prints appearing again and again, this is because we make smaller quantities and sell out to ensure we aren't over-producing.

The printing mill we work with also has an in-built recycled water filtering process which means the same water is used repeatedly for our prints.

We aren't perfect but we are always working towards improvements in as many areas of the business as we can, from design and fabric sourcing to manufacture, shipping and delivery to our customers.

Ethical practices are part of our ethos and will always be a big part of what we do. We only work with SEDEX approved factories which means all employees working on Their Nibs products have a fair, safe and healthy work environment.

This means:

  • Employment is freely chosen; 
  • Child labor will not be tolerated; 
  • Respect and equality; 
  • Fair Working Conditions; 
  • Transparency and Accountability

We frequently travel to where our designs are being made to see the printing and meet the people making our pjs, which means we are close to all the aspects of our business that we are responsible for.