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A well known food to make at Christmas time is Gingerbread but we all know how stressful and time taking it can be to build a Gingerbread house! Here is a simpler way to bring gingerbread into your Christmas! A Gingerbread Syrup! It's so quick and easy which adds the festive flavour to any drinks and desserts you please Put 300g golden caster sugar, 200ml water and 1 tbsp ground ginger into a saucepan. Add 1 cinnamon stick and bring to a gentle boil.  Simmer for 5 mins until the sugar has dissolved, then stir in a little edible gold glitter, if...

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It is now December 1st and Christmas is coming sooner than we all expected!   You might be starting to think about Christmas decorations for your house whilst also thinking about Christmas gifts for friends and family.   Here is one really easy decoration idea that we love! All you need is cotton balls and see through string.   And all you have to do is pierce the string through the cotton balls to create a look of snow falling for your windows or anywhere in your home!   Simple yet effective!   Now that you have your Christmas decorations...

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Originally an American tradition, where the majority of retailers set up for a day of sales after Thanksgiving. Gradually it became bigger and bigger and now becoming big in the UK. Amazon takes credit for introducing the tradition to the UK and then Oxford Street took on the challenge as far back as 9 years ago.   Now that it’s become huge in the UK as well as the US, Black Friday is expanding into a whole weekend of sales rather than just one day with retailers even starting sales early to get more customers and sales in competition to...

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As you know Their Nibs is a vintage inspired brand. Vintage inspired pieces are around people’s homes and in people’s wardrobes today. With so many unique must have styles and many places to find vintage inspired pieces.   One main place is car boot sales and markets. Where you can find bargains of vintage things that would have once cost a fortune.   On the weekend we in fact visited a local market and found an interesting scrap book with children’s paintings inside and we got it for a bargain! So interesting what you can find and how old vintage...

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Guy Fawkes night is approaching. You might have your fireworks display tickets already or might even be hosting a bonfire night event at yours. There is so much to do and enjoy as well as simply watching and hearing the bangs of colourful sparkles in the sky. There are so many options of recipes, games and crafts for bonfire night, whether it’s for your kids or friends or family. Bonfire night is an opportunity to wrap up warm, light up your garden with sparklers while eating toffee apples and toasting marshmallows over the warm fire. A lovely way to wrap...

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