How it all started

Their Nibs started wee.

Quite literally: Fiona, our founder, moved from being a buyer at Laura Ashley to launching a fun and eclectic childrenswear shop in Notting Hill in 2003. The name was inspired by her nickname for her son, ‘His Nibs’ (a little bit of tongue-in-cheek Yorkshire slang for ‘the one in charge’) and it stuck.

Then in 2014, Fiona was introduced to our brilliant print designer Sia and their combined love of vintage finds and British eclectic style kickstarted something truly special… 

As our ideas grew, so did our lives and, in 2018, Fiona adopted her daughter, which is why 20% of our profits go toCoram, the charity for children and young people. In 2020 (just before lockdown), we began to notice it wasn’t only our childrenswear you loved, it was also our beautiful sleepwear. 

To put on a gorgeous pair of pyjamas at the end of a long day – ones that make you feel special, that are made with uplifting fabrics and colours, Sia’s original prints (from wildflowers to untamed cheetahs), that reflect who you are inside – well, that just resonated with you. 

Their Nibs evolved into a women-focused brand that celebrates the natural world, whimsical prints, vibrant colour and feeling good. 

And, as we continue to grow and imagine new ideas, we listen to what you love: practical pockets, vibrant colours, cool fabrics and oversized fits made from ethically sourced and durable cotton and recycled satin. 

We create gorgeous pyjamas for special occasions such as Christmas and birthday mornings or just a rainy Tuesday evening when you want to feel cherished; pyjamas that make thoughtful gifts for friends facing hospital stays; pyjamas that are practical for every element of our lives but also add glamour to a Sunday brunch. In short: an investment in yourself that gives you joy every single day. 

We send out our unique designs from our warehouse in Edinburgh. Led by Heather, our team beautifully gift wraps, handwrites tags and is available on the end of a phone line whenever you need them. 

We also source our material from a trusted factory in Jaipur, India which we frequently visit and where we know the tailors and seamstresses who have been with the factory for over 10 years. 

Now in our 21st anniversary year, we are launching new and uplifting designs – from swimwear to soothing eye masks – to reflect the changing seasons but our core collection remains enduring, inspiring and designed just for you. 

Their Nibs: we may be wee but we are mighty.


We are so proud and happy to be creating such special and beautiful prints, on great quality fabrics at an affordable price to share with you all. Thanks for coming this far and we can't wait to see what happens next!