Advent Calendars for the whole family!

The countdown to Christmas is here, we know- ALREADY! How did that happen?! And as always we'll be celebrating the count down with Advent Calendars (and candles as the nights get even darker and longer!)

Thinking about an alternative to the chocolate calendar, this year we thought we’d go back to a simpler time...

The internet is overflowing with creative ideas for creating your own Advent Calendar by using the simplest materials: cardboard, coloured paper, sachets, and our personal favourite, little wrapped gifts.

This is a fantastic activity for the whole family, giving children an opportunity to let their creativity flow. We suggest remembering numbers, as well as trying not to raid the whole calendar on the 1st of December (we can’t promise we’ll listen to our own advice!!)

Fillings can range from handpicked gifts- a pair of Their Nibs pyjamas would be handy early on in December to prepare for the special nights sleep on the 24th ;P- to drawings, funny messages and handmade biscuits.

We have drawn together some lovely alternatives to calendars on our Pinterest board. Here is one of our absolute faves:


Let the Christmas countdown commence!!..

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