Are you enjoying a typical November in England? I know here at Their Nibs we are- umbrellas and waterproofs are current staple wardrobe pieces!
Entertaining children indoors is always a challenge, but even better when it includes a piece of nature. So we have found the perfect rainy day plan:
Leaf Art provides an easy and crafty learning aid for kids, reminding the rest of us of our own simpler childhood games! All you need is: paper, colourful leaves, glue, pencils, and paint.
A multitude of coloured leaves can be arranged to shape items as varied as your kids’ own imagination- and who knows where that goes! Aided by pencils and colours, these shapes can end up creating comic, light-hearted character.
We have added here some lovely examples. For more inspiration, we suggest looking up leaf-art on Pinterest. 
Happy rainy November days!
Love, Their Nibs
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