Making homemade gifts to friends, family or even to yourself can be fun and relaxing and also lets you present your creative mind. There are many homemade techniques that create a vintage inspired piece of clothing simply from an extra detail. But today we’re going to start with an easy homemade idea that you can all give a go. Today I’m taking a homemade idea from my own book; Vintage Style for Kids. 

Tooth Fairy Pillow

What could be more magical when there’s a wobbly tooth in the house than to have this personal little pillow in which to place their precious item in for when they receive a visit from the tooth fairy. It’ll help the tooth fairy find the special tooth and it means it also wouldn’t get lost throughout the night. 

To begin making this homemade Tooth Fairy Pillow you will need the following materials:

2 squares of fabric 21 x 21cm

1 piece of fabric 10 x 8cm

Wadding or dried lavender

85cm ribbon or trim 2.5cm wide

1 button 5cm diameter

Small length of contrasting ribbon

Matching machine thread

Contrasting thread

Sewing machine and sewing kit


Step 1

Start by making the pocket

Fold and press all four sides of the pocket 5mm to the wrong size.

Then fold over and press the top of the pocket an additional 1 cm and machine stitch.

Pin the pocket onto the centre of the front piece of the pillow, right sides up. Top stitch along the sides and bottom of the pocket.

Using contrasting thread, machine stitch a wavy line of stitching around the sides and bottom of the pocket.


Step 2

Fold and press all four sides of the front and back of the pillow 5mm to the wrong side and baste.

Place the front of the pillow on top of the back, with wrong sides together.

Leaving a 5cm gap in one side, machine stitch all the way around with a 2cm seam allowance.

Either stuff the pillow with wadding or, using a funnel, fill it with dried lavender, then machine stitch the gap closed.


Step 3

Cut a length of 2.5cm wide ribbon long enough to go all the way around the edge of the pillow.

Pin the ribbon or trim in place on the front of the pillow, folding it back on itself at the corners and folding the end under diagonally to match.

Top stitch all the way around the outer edge of the ribbon, sewing through all three layers.

Topstitch along the diagonal folds at each corner.


Step 4

Thread the sewing machine with contrasting thread, and sew two parallel wavy lines 5mm in from both edges of the ribbon.

Tack bows or sew buttons on as desired. 


You can purchase the full book, filled with many homemade vintage ideas, at your local book store for £18.99

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