SLEEP: how to enrich your routine

The Sleep Special

 As pyjama specialists, and human beings, we spend a lot of time thinking about sleep. Have we had enough? Did we have too much? Was it broken, light, heavy?

 And the pandemic (among everything else it has wrecked havoc with) has messed with our sleep too!

 If you have been having trouble getting to sleep the NHS website is a useful resource and has a lot of great guidance that might help:

 We checked it out and are implementing some rules to get on back on track and enjoy good sleep again;...

SWADDLE: How to and why? -THEIR NIBS

To celebrate launching our new swaddle cloth collection we are bringing you a useful and handy how to swaddle guide!

What is Swaddle?

Have you spotted some babies sleeping or chilling in burrito-resembling fabric, tightly wrapped up? That's a swaddle!

Why to Swaddle?

Being swaddled will help your little baby feel snug and secure, like how they felt in your womb. This directly links to better sleeping and feeling safer for the little one, swaddling as a practice can be applied up to 6 months.

How to Swaddle?