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To celebrate launching our new swaddle cloth collection we are bringing you a useful and handy how to swaddle guide!

What is Swaddle?

Have you spotted some babies sleeping or chilling in burrito-resembling fabric, tightly wrapped up? That's a swaddle!

Why to Swaddle?

Being swaddled will help your little baby feel snug and secure, like how they felt in your womb. This directly links to better sleeping and feeling safer for the little one, swaddling as a practice can be applied up to 6 months.

How to Swaddle?

Check out our illustrated guide, you can also find it on the back of our packaging for the new swaddle cloth collection:


Benefits of Swaddling?

We've had a little look online so you don't need to and found a great article on What To Expect Blog that has a great piece on the benefits, click here to read it!

Testimonials of Swaddling?

Fiona, Their Nibs founder, might have a baby who is now 20. (How did that happen?!) But she can't praise swaddling enough, she found it to be a really useful way to calm down her baby and get him to sleep and wake calmly while feeling warm and secure.

So we recommend gifting for any newborns in your life or any mums-to-be!

Catch you all next time!

Love the Their Nibs team xxx

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