SLEEP: how to enrich your routine

The Sleep Special

 As pyjama specialists, and human beings, we spend a lot of time thinking about sleep. Have we had enough? Did we have too much? Was it broken, light, heavy?

 And the pandemic (among everything else it has wrecked havoc with) has messed with our sleep too!

 If you have been having trouble getting to sleep the NHS website is a useful resource and has a lot of great guidance that might help:

 We checked it out and are implementing some rules to get on back on track and enjoy good sleep again; we don’t watch the news before bed- no one needs to be having dreams about that, we stop looking at our phones at least half an hour before we intend to fall asleep to stop that blue light getting to us and we are introducing some sleepy rituals to allow our minds and bodies to know it is time to slow down and switch off.

 If you bought a pair of pjs from us this January, you will have received one of our complimentary dream diaries and if you’ve flicked through the pages you may have noticed we’ve included some of our tips to a good night’s sleep in there.

 One is a sleepy tea recipe using hot water, honey and chamomile and lavender blend. Best to have about an hour before you fall asleep as a way of warming you up and calming you down to begin your bed time routine.

Smell is the longest lasting sense for memory so getting in the habit of having smells that you associate with sleep can be a great way to help your mind slow down and get sleepy.

So the other recipe we included in the dream diary was for a home-made pillow spray where we picked lavender as the ingredient but there is more inspiration to find the right scents for you here:

 Sleep is so important to all the other aspects of our life, and we all know the difference in ourselves when we get some quality sleep so we wish you all a good night!

 Sweet dreams,

 Love Fiona and Sia xxx

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