There’s nothing like a comforting warm drink to ensure a good night’s sleep. If bedtime becomes a battle ground, this can be part of your nightly routine, along with a favourite story – your child will be drifting off to dreamland in no time at all.


Getting them ready for bed can be a big part of your day. Get them into comfortable pyjamas before making them this bedtime drink idea.

Their Nibs have had their Children’s pyjamas since day one; 13 years ago. They’ve been a success since the very start. If you’ve never tried Their Nibs kid’s pyjamas, then have a look at them now! So many prints to choose from to suit your kid’s personalities so they can love getting into their pyjamas at bedtime.

Girls nightwear:

Boys nightwear:


Now that you’ve got a set of new pyjamas on the way for your kid’s, you’re ready to try this bedtime drink!


Heat a small mug’s worth of milk over a low medium heat in a non-stick saucepan, until it is just bubbling at the edges. Either serve the milk neat, or sweeten to taste with a little organic honey or a couple squares of dark chocolate melted into it for a special treat. Chop or grate the chocolate and place it in the mug; pour the warm milk over it and stir well.

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