V&A Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green

Last weekend we took part in the lovely Dot-to-Dot Christmas sale, where we spoke to lots of other exciting kids brands and met lots of new Their Nibs customers. Our pyjamas were in the perfect place as our nostalgic prints matched lots of the toys in the Musuem!

The V&A Museum of Childhood has recently opened its Christmas activities, officially starting the festive season for the little ones. Situated in Bethnal Green, the museum is open daily from 10.00 to 17.45 and features a wide array of festive activities for all ages, most of which free, until the 5th January.

A “Christmas Designer Market” was just featured, where a recently opened “Christmas Display and Audio Walk” is available to ages 5+. The 16th of December will feature 30-minutes “Sing-A-Long Saturday”s: free, drop-in, and available for all ages, starting at 12.00. Further festive events available at the East London location include “Christmas Colour, Listen and Rest”, “Ensemble Perpetuo, Childhood Revisited”, and even a post-Christmas 3-day celebration titled “Make Some Noise Days”.

We recommend visiting the V&A Museum for a unique Christmas-themed experience, for both parents and children!

For more information we recommend visiting the V&A Museum of Childhood web page here:

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