Guy Fawkes night is approaching. You might have your fireworks display tickets already or might even be hosting a bonfire night event at yours.

There is so much to do and enjoy as well as simply watching and hearing the bangs of colourful sparkles in the sky. There are so many options of recipes, games and crafts for bonfire night, whether it’s for your kids or friends or family.

Bonfire night is an opportunity to wrap up warm, light up your garden with sparklers while eating toffee apples and toasting marshmallows over the warm fire.

A lovely way to wrap up warm in this Their Nib’s girl’s cape!

Get it now while it’s in the sale!


Another way to light up your garden is with this creative craft idea:

Glow in the dark squirty chalk.


Here’s how it works:

Get some squirty bottles

Fill them one third of the way with corn starch

Add one tablespoon of neon paint in each bottle

Fill the rest of the bottle with very warm water

Then shake them well and you’re ready to make glow in the dark drawings on the pavements!


And that’s everything you need for a fun bonfire night with the kids!


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