Did you know candles can unstick your stuck coat zip? They can also fix the frayed end of your shoe lace. They can stop door squeakiness, be used as a pin cushion, you can write secret messages with them and so much more!


They’re not just what you look forward to lighting at the end of your day whilst you lay in the warm bath with the candle light flickering and that amazing scent leaving you calm and relaxed.

Although that sounds good enough to me!

Wild Bluebell, Summer Fig, English Rose? Which luxury Their Nibs candle scent will you choose? Although these candles are too good to be using them for fixing dents in your furniture and fixing your shoe laces! You’ll want to be making the most of the wax in these candles because they smell that amazing.


Another use for candles is to stop your tears when chopping onions. Simply just light the candle and then begin slicing them! This trick is one of my favourites because it’s just another excuse to light the candle!


Find our candles in the link below – An amazing treat to yourself or your home or as a gift.


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